USVI Charter Yacht Show

Welcome Message

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With immense joy, I extend a warm welcome home to the 2023 USVI Charter Yacht Show at the breathtaking St. Thomas Yacht Haven Grande. As you return to these shores, I cannot help but feel a sense of excitement and anticipation for the incredible experiences that await you. 

The U.S. Virgin Islands, the premier maritime destination in the Caribbean, are blessed with some of the region’s most remarkable natural resources. Our coastal waters are adorned with unique beauty, our harbors offer a haven, our fisheries are abundantly rich, and our islands’ marine environment is simply unparalleled. It is an environment that beckons exploration, and we are privileged to have it right at our doorstep. 

As we witness the awe-inspiring transformation of our maritime tourism product, I am stead-fast in my commitment to work hand-in-hand with individuals and businesses that share the same passion for promoting and enriching our marine industry. The Virgin Islands Professional Charter Association (VIPCA) has been pivotal in establishing a fleet of world-class vessels manned by consummate professional crews, making the USVI charter fleet second to none. 

I implore all of our charter yachts to embrace our territory’s abundant natural resources. I urge our mariners to identify opportunities to further develop each maritime sector to its fullest potential – whether diving, charter yachting, sport fishing, marine workforce education, marine manufacturing, or tour operations. Your expertise and dedication will pave the way for revi-talizing the USVI maritime industries and ensure a truly world-class product for generations to come. 

As you set sail, may the wind be forever at your back, guiding you towards unparalleled adventures and unforgettable moments in the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands. May your charter season be bountiful and filled with joy, and may you leave a lasting imprint on these shores.

 With utmost gratitude and warmest regards, 

Albert Bryan, Jr., Governor