2022 USVI Charter Yacht Show


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New Crew Brief
Friday Nov. 11 5.00-5.30pm
Essential information for all new crew members about not only navigating the show, but navigating the industry, with a welcome introduction to chartering in the Virgin Islands for captains, mates and chefs.
The Yachtly Guide to 5-star payments
Saturday Nov. 12th at 4.15pm - 4.30pm
Join Yachtly for a quick glimpse into how we make charter yacht payments and transfers easy and safe for everyone. Learn how to save time and stress by bringing all your finances into one simple interface.
USVI Charter Highlights
Sunday Nov. 13 8.00-9.00am
VI itinerary secrets on land, sea and beneath the waves, including in-depth for divers and snorkelers with a discovery of the Virgin Islands wrecks, reefs and aquatic species. Breakfast complimentary.
VI National Park Sea Turtles
Sunday Nov. 13 12.00-12.30pm
By Adren Anderson and Willow Melamet, VI National Park Sea Turtle Program Coordinators: Program intro, fun facts about our turtles – types, nest, habits, STAR network information.
Charter Compliance
Monday Nov. 14 8.00-9.30am
With representatives from both the USVI and the BVI Governments, including: H.M Customs; the U.S.C.G; U.S. Customs & the Virgin Islands National Parks. Breakfast complimentary.
VI National Parks
Monday Nov. 14 12.00-12.30pm
Roundtable and Superintendent / Friends of the National Park updates.
Crew Training & Certification
Tuesday Nov. 15 1.30-5.30pm

More Info: usviyachtshow.org/training/ 

WHEN: 1:30pm – 5:30pm Tuesday November 15, 2022
Final day of show, post-viewings

Crew Party follows, 5:30pm – 7:00pm

The 2022 edition of the USVI Charter Yacht Show has a new angle offering cutting edge training brought to exhibiting yachts by the best trainers in the industry. The new ‘Charter Yacht Professional Excellence’ certificate training will be taught by Orlando, Florida-based Seven Seas Preparatory Academy. This training will open the door as a way for VIPCA members to give and receive information, with the goal of a booked charter season, with repeat guests and stable crews.

Registration is open to all term-charter yacht crews of VIPCA Vessel Members, available as a membership perk valued at $125 pp. Crew who register for this course are eligible for a 10 percent discount on future training with the Seven Sea’s Preparation Academy. Spaces are limited and on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Captain Wendy Ulma, who holds a USCG 3000 ITC license and has run superyachts worldwide, will be the chief instructor. Captain Ulma will share simple and inexpensive ways to maintain professionalism in the face of adversity by offering ‘superyacht’ hints, ideas, and tricks of the trade. When implemented, these can increase gratuities and boost the number of repeat charter clients. A bonus is adding this certificate to a resume.

Topics include advice on how to share responsibilities between crew members seamlessly while setting boundaries with colleagues as well as boundaries with guests; providing guests with realistic expectations; ways to maintain your well-being; things to always have on board; mechanical preventative maintenance; and preparation and safety.